My Trip to the Beach

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In My Trip to the Beach, a young girl is feeling down, so she finds a special space all her own, an imaginary beach that makes her heart feel happy. With the help of the sun, the waves, sand, and sea spray, she discovers how to use nature’s gifts to take each bad thought and erase them like the waves wiping away flaws in the sand. Through the calming, inspiring, and simple exercises, readers will learn that mindfulness and meditation can transport them to special places that can aid in the coping process.  These practices can also aid in enhancing real-life skills like improving concentration, decreasing stress levels, reducing anger and impulse issues, and assisting in building self-awareness.

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As a seasoned therapist, the author provides poetic perspectives on life and its struggles that will help encourage children to focus on imagery, positivity, and the important message that, with each sunrise, comes a chance to begin again. {ages 5 and up}

“When I visit the beach, I am reminded how awesome and majestic the world is.”~ author, Deedee Cummings

5 reviews for My Trip to the Beach

  1. Danielle Hammelef, Author

    This book is calming and inspiring and definitely needed in everyone’s life. Every person feels stressed out at times and this book will help each person, or remind everyone, how to step back, breathe deeply, and think of a fresh start. The ocean and beach are my happy places and the imagery presented in the text and illustrations will help launch visualization of calmer and happier places and times for the reader.

  2. Carrie Percola, Crafty Moms Share Blog

    Do you know that feeling that you are alone? Especially when you’ve had a bad day? My Trip to the Beach by Deedee Cummings talks about that feeling and suggests ways to cope. It relates a walk on the beach to various exercises one can do to help promote mindfulness and deal with stress. Everything from the setting sun, to the rising sun, brings a clean slate and a chance for a fresh start. This book is meant to help kids learn how to deal with problems and I enjoyed it. I do love how she brings God into the story as well.

  3. Alexandra Derry, Canada

    Great for both children and adults alike, we are reminded of how the sun promises to see us again tomorrow, and the next day after that. This book is one we are happy to have in our home library.

  4. Kim Childress, Author & Editor

    As a seasoned therapist, Deedee Cummings uses her extensive knowledge to create beautifully illustrated picture books that inspire readers of all ages. My Trip to the Beach shows how everyone has good and bad days–children as well as adults. In rhythmic verse, a bad day is turned around, reminding that “the sun is calling me to dance, to be happy, to be free,” as the young girl depicted in this story is feeling down, she finds a space all her own–at the beach. The sun, the waves, sand, and sea spray can take each bad thought and wash them away again and again, like the waves on the sand. Subtle reminders shared throughout inspire readers to remain in love and faith, and the continued promise of another day. This diverse picture book is the perfect gift for teachers and anyone who needs to be reminded that it’s okay when we have bad days, which can be overcome by the power of love, imagination, and a perfect beach day.

  5. Juliette Starck, Educator

    My Trip to the Beach is great book for in our calming corner. We all loved the illustrations. My 10-year-old son said he felt a lot of happiness in the book and said that he would describe it as a positive and uplifting story. My 5-year-old liked that the sun made the girl in the story dance and started dancing as well. Overall, we thought it was a lovely story which we will read again.

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