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Lyrically and visually beautiful, Heart is a book for all ages and all walks of life. Within the pages of Heart, readers, parents, and educators will find affirmations that remind us that when hearts close from fear, other emotions like love, peace, joy, and happiness become closed off as well. Inspired by her work with foster children, the author uses lyrical prose and stunning illustrations to share promises of love, life, faith, and the power of prayer.

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This is a much-needed book for children of all ages, especially those who have experienced trauma in their lives. Heart provides an overall message to readers that, to find faith, they must never stop believing that there are good people in the world. An excellent resource for classrooms, home bookshelves, and counseling offices, Heart will help lift readers’ spirit and serves as a guide to the path to healing. {ages 10 and up}

4 reviews for Heart

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    Jennifer Dieleman, Educator and Children’s Book Blogger

    Heart is a moving and emotional picture book that focuses on the importance of guarding your heart, from people who will hurt and take advantage of you. The story also focuses on the importance of trust and finding a balance between the two concepts. It is truly heartbreaking to me that so many young children are closed off because of the damage that has been done to them. This is a much-needed book for children of all ages. I love that the books overall message is to find faith and believe that there are good people in the world. This is a book that should definitely be in every school and children’s counselor’s office. A perfect book to add to any mindfulness unit!

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    Kim Childress, Author & Editor

    Heart is a book that is much-needed in the world today. This beautifully illustrated poem is a tribute to the power of love and prayer to overcome fear and hate. A powerful reminder for all that you only have “one today,” to smile, trust, love, and pray. Instead of hardening your heart out of fear of being hurt, this book reminds readers of the importance of “guarding your heart, for it the wellspring of life” (Proverbs 4:23).

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    Juliette Starck, Educator

    The author opens with an excellent introduction on the true meaning of “guarding your heart” and I found it inspirational and uplifting. Her words helped me better understand how to open my heart to love and trusting others and God. With beautiful illustrations, this book is not only for the young, but for children of all ages, from toddler to 100+ year-olds. The first thing we noticed was the trees on the cover page and how they form a heart. We all agreed that this book shares a powerful story. My 10-year-old says: ‘It’s about being happy.’ My 5-year old says: ‘It’s like the game Wildcraft, which is a cooperative game. You are happier when you work together!’ I feel they got the message of this story which is, don’t close off your heart. You might think you are protecting yourself, but you will hurt yourself more in the end. Love is the only thing that multiplies when it is shared.

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    Serge Smagarinsky, Australia

    Written in lyrical prose with some beautiful imagery and phrasing, Heart by Deedee Cummings and Erika Busse is part literary fiction, part meditation. The visual narrative in the illustrations helps to make the words more concrete for younger readers. Heart contains some religious content, although the core message is universal and relatable, whether or not the reader subscribes to the same theological view. Appropriately, Heart is written with plenty of heart.

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