If A Caterpillar Can Fly, Why Can’t I

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Throughout her work as a therapist with children, the author recognizes two major areas of concern affecting the esteem of today’s youth. One is too much screen time and an emphasis on how the world sees us (or worse, approves of us) thanks to social media, and the second is a lack of focus on goals and a real belief that it is possible to achieve them.

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If A Caterpillar Can Fly, Why Can’t I  is a fun and thought-provoking journal that encourages readers to turn their thoughts, ideas, and dreams into things that will enhance their lives while also making the world a better place. It is never too early for kids to declare and begin working towards their dreams. This journal and coloring book is not only a roadmap, but a time capsule of hopes and dreams for tomorrow’s future leaders!

Schools across the country are using this diverse workbook in special groups as a fun and therapeutic way to offer creative outlets for stress and anxiety relief, while also promoting powerful discussions on the sensitive topics that are facing our children today. {ages 5 and up}

5 reviews for If A Caterpillar Can Fly, Why Can’t I

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    Daniell Hammelef – Author

    This journal truly is thought-provoking and inspirational. Kids and adults are addicted to screens and technology. People spend too much time watching TV, playing video games, playing games on their devices, or scrolling through social media and not enough time developing their own creativity. This journal’s prompts will help kids of all ages and even adults turn to their own thoughts, ideas, and dreams and then use their imaginations to build their lives and make themselves and the world better. Plus, each page is just asking to be colored, which also provides creativity outlets and stress/anxiety relief.

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    Amazon Reviewer

    If A Caterpillar Can Fly, Why Can’t I? is part coloring book, part journal. Illustrator, Erika Busse, has exquisitely illustrated this gem. It is just waiting to come to life bursting with your individual creative colors! The journal opens with a message to keep dreaming– “If the dream is in your heart it is there for a reason! When you are older and come back to look at what you wrote down… will you be able to say this is me I listened to my heart. I believed in me then and I believe in me now?”

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    Michele Carroll/ Kid Congeniality Lifestyle Blogger

    If A Caterpillar Can Fly, Why Can’t I? urges the reader to put down electronics, be in the moment and live with gratitude. My favorite page in If a Caterpillar Can Fly, Why Can’t I? talks about boredom. If a Caterpillar Can Fly, Why Can’t I? touches on some deep themes yet never comes across as preachy. It emphasizes striving for your dreams while not being afraid to make mistakes. Having goals is extremely important and asking for help is not something to be ashamed of. Notes to the reader from Ms. Cummings and Ms. Busse are a motivational, sweet surprise at the end of the book. This journal is intended for children to look back on for years to come. I think we should all take a whirl at one at the start of every decade. It would be quite fun to see what 20-year-old me dreamed of in detail. If A Caterpillar Can Fly, Why Can’t I? soars like a butterfly in my opinion!

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    Lakita Wilson, Author

    In the book are many affirmations and prompts for goal setting. The running theme is gratitude, goal setting and self-confidence. How awesome is that!

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    Juliette Starck, Educator

    Our family was fortunate to be gifted this book by Deedee Cummings and Make a Way Media to write a review for multicultural children’s book day 2019. I can’t say enough positive things about this book. I do feel it is more appropriate for tweens and adults and not so much for younger children. My 10-year old and I like the book and the lessons in it a lot. We love the coloring opportunities and the growth mindset philosophy. It talks about self-esteem, slowing down and the effects of screen time on creativity. Being bored is good!

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