This is the Earth

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A recent Purple Dragonfly Award First Place winner, Cummings uses bold and bright illustrations in This is the Earth  to share a message of peace, love, respect, compassion, and inclusion. Published in early 2019, the book’s core message is this: peace is meant for all of us and it is everyone’s responsibility to care for each other like the family that we are.

This vibrant diverse picture book encourages people of all backgrounds to unite together and create a force of peace and respect for all instead of viewing their part of the world as a secluded island. Kids and adults will love the lyrical message and thoughtful artwork that reinforces the fact that every human being is our neighbor and part of a larger family.{ages 2 and up}

“My hope for This is the Earth is that it will spark conversations in schools and day cares, around dinner tables and during bedtimes,” Cummings noted. “These conversations can include discussions about why it has been so hard for humans to exist on the same planet together and how we can change that. I hope children read the story, look at the pictures, and are able to feel peace. My hope is that This is the Earth also helps readers of all ages understand that feeling ‘at peace’ and learning about each other with an open mind is a better way to go through life.”

2 reviews for This is the Earth

  1. Becky Flansburg, Author

    At first, I thought This is the Earth was a book about being kinder to Mother Earth. But this vibrantly illustrated diverse picture book is soooo much deeper than that. Author Cummings skillfully weaves a message of love, peace, and respect for all within the pages of this book. The core lesson is clear—we are ALL responsible to unite as a global family and cultivate a society of peace. Working together for a greater goal (like world peace and unity) is not something that is “everyone else’s problem.” It’s a mission everyone needs to carry out if we are to make our world a better place.

  2. Multicultural Children’s Book Day

    This is the Earth is the perfect catalyst for opening dialogues with kids, adults, communities, and thought leaders to step up and care about everything around us.

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