Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess

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Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess is a heartwarming story about family, role models, dreams, and discovering a determination for growth. The first in a seven part series, this diverse picture book shines the spotlight on a little brown girl who never lets anything get in the way of her dreams. Everyone else has an idea of who she should be, but in the end, she discovers that she is the one who gets to decide.

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The story also reveals the very special family dynamic that Kayla shares with her mom; a hard-working woman who struggles with the guilt of not being as available for her young daughter as she would like. But as the story progresses, Kayla and her mom realize the impact of valuing the time they have together as well as the importance of seeing each other acknowledge (and pursue) their individual dreams. {ages 5 and up}


      “Daughters learn their place in the world by watching their mothers claim theirs.” ~author, Deedee Cummings

3 reviews for Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess

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    Carrie Percola, Crafty Moms Share Blog

    In Kayla: Modern-Day Princess, Kayla is the daughter of hard-working parents. She usually only sees her mother in the morning because her mother works late at night. One night she gets to stay up and see her mother to hear the news of her mother’s promotion, but her mother has a more important message for Kayla. Her message is about how special and important Kayla is. The story continues with Kayla meeting a new friend and learning even more about relationships and her own importance.

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    Serge Smagarinsky, Australia

    Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess by Deedee Cummings and Erika Busse is a longer, wordier picture book format and the first in what is to be a seven-part series. Both the format and the content of this book make it somewhat of a crossover, appropriate to use either as a reader or as a read-aloud. The story covers quite a few themes related to family, friendship, ambition and motivation; without shying away from some difficult situations. With experience as a therapist, Deirdre has written this story in a way which is full of care, wisdom, and inspiration.

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    Michele Carroll/ Kid Congeniality Lifestyle Blogger

    Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess is a heartwarming story about family, role models and dreams. Kayla’s Mom works the night shift so the time she gets to spend with her in the mornings is very precious. Kayla’s Mom wakes her up each morning with a beautiful sentiment “What’s your plan today? Every day you have to have a plan. A plan gives you hope and hope gives you dreams.” I have never been a morning person so these words got me thinking. What if parents encouraged all children to seize the day and make the most of it? We would certainly be much happier if we saw hope for the day rather than hours of boring responsibilities ahead.

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