How Do I Start?

How do I start?

This is one of the top questions I receive whether it is starting a practice of mindfulness, beginning an author journey, or just a general change in attitude.

How do I start? Just do the next step. You must take 5 minutes for you. Beginning a new practice or a new project can feel overwhelming- even when they are designed to make us better. You would think that these kinds of actions would not be that difficult because they are good for us, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Change, in any form, is hard. This seems trivial, but do this now: write down what your goal is. Keep it simple:

Write a book.

Eat better.

Walk every day.

Whatever it is write it down and put it somewhere that will cause you to look at this goal every single day.

You can do this. People make changes all the time. Why not you? The problem is when we look at the end result first. It can feel overwhelming. Your goal cannot be to lose 100 pounds because this just seems crushing. What you really want to do is to feel better- that is the goal. There are lots of tiny steps that combine to help you reach this goal. Get creative. Promise yourself you will take two ten minute walks today while at work, or that you will throw in a side salad with lunch. Once you incorporate these things in to your day more regularly then throw in something else. You are trying to make changes for life, not for tomorrow. Stay focused on the fact that you can do this. If a day goes by where you take no steps towards your goal, that’s okay- come back at it tomorrow. Always be willing to start again.

Writing a book, if that’s your goal is one of the most powerful things you can do. Carry a notebook with you everywhere you go to write down your goals and your ideas. You will trick yourself into believing that you do not need to do this, but you will soon see why this is needed.  Even if you check in with your journal or notebook every day you will look back on your notes and be grateful that you wrote down your thoughts. We do not remember our ideas as well as we think we can.

Start by writing down your goal or goals. Every day spend time documenting your journey. Just take notes- don’t make it complicated. Envision what will be different when you hit your goal.

Change can happen. Go easy on yourself. If you berate yourself you will be way less likely to try anything new at all. You will believe you can’t and you will defeat yourself before you even begin. Believe that you can take steps to change your life. Documenting your wants, steps, and journey in writing is crucial. For more direction, please reach out to me.

I would love to see you make a life, not just accept the one you are given.