Just Take Steps

I do a lot of BIG things. I have written many books. I founded a whole therapy company. And this Fall I will be hosting the first ever in-person Louisville Book Festival. Each one of these large projects has dozens of smaller projects associated with them. For example, marketing the books, getting them listed on Amazon or in bookstores, asking people to review them and talk them up. Of for the festival, getting the website up, marketing the festival, fundraising, finding a location, making community partners. There are many many many projects under each big goal.

If I sat down and thought about all there is to do before I did it all, I probably would never do it.

When I have a dream, I know that the dream belongs to me and that it came to me for a reason. The dream came to me. Not my neighbor. Not my co-worker. Me. That means it’s on me to make it happen. Dreams are a blessing, but they are rarely easy.

I make my dreams happen by just focusing on the next step. What do I need to do to just get started. I do that and then the next day I ask myself, what is the next step. You have heard the old (and weird) expression, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is, “One bite at a time.”

While I find this a bit morbid, it’s the truth. One bite at a time. Many people give up on their dreams because they seem overwhelming. They either walk away from the dream completely or they delay it for years, decades even because they think they have to do everything on their list this week. So they avoid it and nothing gets done. Meanwhile ten years have passed, and you could have eaten three elephants by now!

Right now, I want you to take these steps:

  • Write down your dream.
  • Write down the first three steps you need to take that are easy and doable. This could be as simple as searching for a domain name or talking through your idea with a supportive
  • Get a notebook, binder or journal, just for this dream and begin taking notes about what you need to do, who you have talked to, what they have said and what steps you need to take next. (By the way, when all is said and done- this would make a great book- and you have already written the entire thing!)
  • Every day take at least one step towards your goal: one phone call, one blog post, one internet search, one trip to the library to get a book on the topic.
  • Remind yourself daily not to give up. I always say that I never fail- only because I never quit.

If you need help developing a plan or staying motivated- that is exactly what I am here for. I am a mom, an entrepreneur, a therapist, lawyer, festival founder, and author. I can help you reach your dream. Contact me by going to https://makeawaymedia.com/home-page/make-a-way-mindset and scheduling an appointment today. Whatever steps you take- just don’t give up. This dream belongs to you!