Why I’m Determined to Double My Blogging Efforts in 2022

Part of my planning for 2022 is to look back on how far I came and the milestones I’ve achieved in 2021.

Why do I do this? Because I sometimes feel myself getting frustrated that the Big Dreams I am pursuing are not happening as fast as I would like. So, if I pause and take stock of the victories and accomplishments of the months, weeks, and days of the previous year, I can see the path forward so much clearer.

For example, this year, I’ve decided to start writing more blog posts on this blog while also maintaining my every Thursday blogging schedule on my sister site, Make A Way Media. I decided to do this, even though it meant I needed to find extra writing time in my already packed schedule. The main reason is that the blogging I do on Make A Way Media (MAMW) focuses on promoting positivity, offering up feel-good messages, and how those feelings relate to young readers.

I’m not trying to pretend that the world we live in is perfect, but if I can add some light and joy with my words and books, you better believe I’m going to do it!

I also “get” that this is not always the world we live in, but it is what our world needs. The blog on MAWM is like my treehouse. I share messages of hope and fun that will hopefully offset the junk and hate that is all too common on social media. I talk about issues and concerns but do it to encourage these topics to be approached with positivity and love. My goal with that site is to uplift and empower others to get through their day.

The same philosophy will guide me on the DeedeeCummings.com blog in 2022, but I feel the need to be a little more raw and honest. I intend to speak my mind, share what is on my heart, and possibly even ruffle a few feathers in the process. I plan to continue to avoid being a source of negativity, but I won’t shy away from things that need to be said and situations that need to be changed. In a nutshell, what you read here may not always leave you with the warm-n-fuzzy feels.

Still, I feel guided to discuss things that need to be brought to light and why they need to be brought to light. I plan to offer solutions, options, and new perspectives in the way of actionable steps so others can go out into the world, along with me, armed with the spirit of a Warrior of Good.

I also want to use this site to hear from you. I want to connect with other people like me who are out there making a way and making it happen.

Or, are you seeking a place to gain some relief, guidance, or ideas on making a way for your dreams?

Are you stuck? I would love to hear about that too. Because one thing I know for sure is that your story will always help someone else.

Let’s do it together!