What Do You Want?

I saw this post (to the left) the other day on social media. I love it. I wish I knew who made it so I could give them credit because it rocks. Don’t we all just want a little recognition and a little more guac? I know I do. It got me thinking about what is on my list of wants… my needs, my desires. My bucket list.

Believe it or not, this is a part of being mindful. People think being mindful is all about sitting in the “ommmm” position in the woods while being quiet, but mindfulness comes in all shapes and forms.

Mindfulness can mean being fully aware of what your heart desires the most; a little extra guac… a little “me” time… to laugh so hard I cry. It is empowering: I know what I want and, damn it, I’m going to get it.

Life moves so fast if you don’t make a list of what really drives you and all that you are striving for, you will surely forget all about it. It seems that the world is designed to keep us busy- like little worker bees- and you will find yourself at the end of every day feeling unfulfilled. But the worst part is, you won’t remember why. You will lose the ability to prioritize you.

Make a list and don’t apologize for it. Make it grand and include all the things your heart whispers no matter how big or small they seem. Everything from seeing the pyramids of Egypt to demanding more guac. And everything in between.

You know what else a list does? The list says, “You deserve this.” It is validation that if you can write it, it’s real. It can really happen. I talk about this a lot. If you need more motivation to get there read this.

But here’s more: I have lived in Louisville, Kentucky pretty much all of my life. I grew up believing that the Kentucky Derby wasn’t for us. I drove through town and saw the thousands of visitors coming in with their grand Derby hats, drinks in hand, heads thrown back with throats full of laughter. And in my mind, none of that belonged to me. Why?

Messages are a very powerful thing. I lived in this city for more than four decades before I said to myself, this year the Derby is about me. I got the hat I always dreamed of, a dress I felt great in, and with drink in hand… I approached every moment with a give me extra everything attitude. When is the last time you had a day like that?

Here’s how much the universe confirmed that the Derby was about me that year… there was a horse in a race that day named… Cummings. I kid you not. You better believe that horse, who you know I bet on, came in first. I can’t make this up. The universe will reward you for taking care of yourself every time.

If the answer to my “when is the last time you had a day like that” question is “never” or “not in this year,” I am asking you to put you first. Fill your cup. Laugh until you cry. Get the hat. And the extra guac. Don’t let another year, without you demanding your place in the sun, pass you by.