Affirmations and Validations | When the Universe is Saying You Are On the Right Path!

I’m feeling exceptionally blessed.

My family is doing well and we are all healthy and making our way in the world. I know we are lucky because there are many, many families who cannot say the same thing.

The first 9+ months of 2021 were definitely filled with ups and downs and 2022 had it’s share of challenges too. But overall, I’m grateful to be able to say there were more ups than downs. This is especially true in regard to my company and children’s book publishing house, Make A Way Media. I’ve had more “pinch me!” moments than I can count in the last couple of years!

Sprinkled within those moments of flying high and being hopeful that my very big dreams are coming to fruition are the dark moments of doubt. Am I nuts? Is this dream crazy? Why did I think this was a thing that was doable? These moments almost always come when I am tired, feeling run down, or maybe I have encountered some small defeat.

Thankfully, they are fleeting. And I have come to understand that defeat, or failing, is a necessary part of winning. In fact, failing comes with the territory.

If you have never failed, you are probably not dreaming big enough. Go ahead… unlock your full potential.

It also seems that, just when I am feeling bleak and discouraged, the Universe shows up in beautiful and amazing ways to give me the affirmations, confirmations, and validations my creative self needs to keep pushing through the pain. I believe this with every fiber of my being. When you are on the right path you will know it somewhere deep down- despite what others think or say.

I just really need to take a moment to share some of the magic Make A Way Media experienced (even during the pandemic) to give hope to others who have their eyes fixed on a prize and are feeling alone or defeated in their journey. Keep your hopes up and your eyes open! Affirmations and validations are all around us!

Affirmations and Validations in My World

Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess– An ENTIRE 5-Book collection published!

Our Purple Dragonfly Award Wins!

Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess — Dishes, Dancing, and Dreams (Family Matters category winner),  Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess — Tough as Tulle (Cultural Diversity and School Issues category winners), and In the Nick of Time (Holiday, Book Trailer, Charity and Making A Difference category winners) are now all officially award-winning titles!

We won in these categories:
• Picture books for ages 6 and up
• Holiday
• Book Trailer
• Charity and Making A Difference
• Cultural Diversity
• Family Matters
• and School Issues

My Baby Made it to Broadway!

A Princess Inspired Photoshoot That Made our Hearts Swell with Pride:

A Chance to Honor ME!

New York Bound!

I made a truly memorable trip to New York to work with scriptwriters for the Broadway musical theatre version of Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess, now titled, Modern-Day K.

What signs from the Universe have you received?

I want to hear about them all, but most importantly, KEEP GOING!

Just take the next step. You got this.